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Shunde Shine Intelliteng Machine Co.,ltd Shunde Shine Intelliteng Machine Co.,ltd
It is the ideal tool for persons,suchas:

1.Hobbyist and DIY Enthusiasts
Taking the advantages of the tools' flexibilities and cost effectiveness, hobbyist and DIY Enthusiasts can easily putting your design into practical things.

It is not practical to use a big machinery building and developing prototype. The mini tools can satisfy model-makers' needs and they can scale up the final prototypes into products on completion of the prototyping concept.

Most children enjoy making handcraft in a team. As a result, this would educate the children aware of the importance of team works. Lacking of mental concentration is common for children. Certain efforts and skills are required to put in to make handcraft and our tools would help children to build up concentration.

4.Causal and Leisure Groups!
People like to work together enjoy a lovely moment to produce something that can bring someone's memories forever.


Established in 2002, we are a young and energetic team with average age under 30 and good education. We have developed machines since 1998, based on manufacturing a small machine (tools). Now we professionally manufacture mini multipurpose machine, intelligent machine, measure equipment, etc.

Mini multipurpose machine is made up of various parts, which can be assembled into different machines up to 10 functions. Such as lathe, woodturning lathe, jigsaw, milling machine, sanding machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, copying attachment woodturning lathe, etc. Various wood, plastic and aluminum (soft metal) are good materials for the machine.

Almost 20,000 sets machines have been sold all over the world, especially in USA, Europe and China. Many DIY hobbies and student are using our machine to realize their creation and invention dreams. The machine can make former lumpish work easily and fast. It also improves practical ability of children. Our target is "Provide top professional DIY machine (tools) to the world".

We own two trademarks (Xendoll and Sea Lion) of mini multipurpose machine; we can provide rapid and professional service for our client. Currently, we are developing pen-size gas detector as our new product. Please visit our website or contact us for more details. We hope to cooperate with you in the near future.

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